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Real Estate Investing – Part III

   1 A Bit of Valuable Theory First: Vince Lombardi Would Approve!! Cause and Effect Relationships We are familiar with "cause and effect" relationships. A particular "cause" or action will result in a predictable "effect", reaction or response. "Laws of Physics" tell us that if you throw a tennis ball at a wall, you can accurately predict the direction that it will bounce off the wall. That is an example of a "cause and effect" relationship within earth's gravitati...

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Compare Auto Insurance and Save Big Time

In the past, before the internet revolution, most people found themselves going with whatever their car insurance broker recommended. If you wanted to compare auto insurance, it usually took a long time going through the phone book and calling up various companies to check on their rates. Things have changed. With the emergence of the internet, auto insurance comparison has become much easier, and with a few clicks of your mouse you can quickly and easily see a variety of quotes online. ...

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