Get N95 Face Masks to Save Yourself from Novel Coronavirus


Everyone seems to be terrified by the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus or the COVID-19. If there is something that can help you from the ever-spreading viral infection, then it is none other than the recommended safe practices.

When I mention safe practices here, I mean nothing but the general hygiene recommendations and safety precautions advised by the healthcare experts and the governments of many countries. Apparently, strictly adhering to all these practices is our only option for a secured future.

Recommend practices to follow to avoid the spread of novel coronavirus

Let me first list out some of the safety instructions that are being repeatedly given to the general public in an effort to combat the COVID 19 situation. Though these are something that is being repeated a lot of times, somehow people seem to miss out on certain things. So, make sure to follow these instructions at any cost.

  • Staying indoors and follow the lockdown instructions of your local authorities.
  • Go out if and only if necessary, to buy essential goods and for important services.
  • Maintain social distancing, at least about one meter whenever you go out.
  • Wash hands frequently and properly with soap and uses hand sanitizers before and after eating, cooking etc.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Why and how face masks can help?

We all know that coronavirus is airborne and the infection is an airborne disease. This means that the virus spreads from one infected person to infect another through the medium air. So, it is very important that we cover our nose and mouth to prevent the entry of the virus into our body.

Why you must buy a KN95 mask?

Okay, now that you know the importance of using a mask to protect yourself from the virus, you must be having this question, why only a particular type of mask is recommended? Why not all the masks that is available in the market?

These N95 respirator masks are categorized under personal protective equipment or PPE. They have a higher degree of filtration and these masks filers out almost all the airborne diseases to almost 90 to 95%.

This is achieved because they have a tighter fit and are made of better material choices that filter out the pathogens more efficiently. This is used mainly by healthcare professionals to protect them from inhaling the virus while they work with patients most of the time in an infectious environment.

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Stay safe and stay positive in this crucial time of the pandemic. Positivity and self-discipline are most important during this phase. This too shall pass and we all will come out of this situation very soon.

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