Smoking the Destruction of a Lifestyle


Smoking was always a good thing for me, I would sit there pondering like an inventor coming up with his next revolutionary plan, I owned the world with a cigarette in my hand, like a king upon his thrown, the sad truth is painful even now.

I was untouchable, as I inhaled it felt like a power entering me, stress leaving me and a force alongside me. However, things were so far away from great that word is barely recognized in content. As the mornings became more painful with a chest like an audition from the alien movie had meant my thoughts became negative as a truth beyond fiction filled my brain.

I had been a smoker for 5 years when the sudden words of an older man had left my heart whimpering. My grandfather had only a few regrets within his brave life and one of them was me, smoking as a grandson made him sick. I had never heard anything so painful, so shameful and yet so true, his words like cement stuck with me as the motivation of a tidal stream flourished upon that very moment.

At 23 years old and a small family under my belt, the next day I began jogging. It was a very painful experience that brought home the knowledge of the devastation inside of me. I could barely breathe and my body ached in pain, it ached for a few days, but I never gave in to the cravings.

Weeks had passed with the embrace of a new addiction, it was physical, natural and purely euphoric. It was fitness, it was blood flow, heart pumping, energetic mayhem and I began to enjoy this new trend.

After a few weeks my confidence allowed for the enrolling of a gym membership program, new friends and commitments entered my lifestyle and the desire to achieve more had surpassed the need for tobacco.

The man I am today has graced my entire family, my social circle is a positive mind pot and the words of my grandfather are as ever strong today as they were back then. My work in providing human improvement through life positivity is down to the decisions of a purely driven motivated mindset. I never always had this, I was weak and empty both stupid and deprived. I will use all I have to encourage those around me, that through mental discipline, health and fitness, respect and courage, we can achieve anything we wish.

I had destroyed one lifestyle, found another and have lived several times over, freshly waking each day for the chance to do something different for someone else.

Smoking is one enemy, we can treat all demons the same!

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